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Welcome to Glasgowmaths run by an experienced maths tutor.

Having came from a previous background of engineering and using the post Graduate teaching qualifications gained at the University of Dundee, there came a natural progression to use this skill set for what is now known as "Glasgowmaths". Glasgowmaths takes its pride in seeing many students get to their chosen course as a result of getting that much needed mark (very often the "A").

As a parent of two children, the older one of which has entered secondary, I have the pleasure of helping other children of secondary age while at the same time having the opportunity of tutoring my own children.

Recently the Glasgowmaths tutoring company has been fortunate to be able to use the facilities in Park church, Giffnock. The infra structure of the area is such that local transport can easily be accessed. Giffnock train station and the No.38 bus are within 5 minutes walk. Cars can park easily at the large parking area provided (as seen in one of the pics).