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Many students come via teacher recommendation.
EXPERT in preparing and teaching students on HOW TO PASS EXAMS!
Over the years, I have helped hundreds of students be accepted into University.

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Math Tutoring available during coronavirus pandemic My Online Tutoring Program is still available during the coronavirus pandemic.
Contact me now for details.

It is likely that some formal exams may still take place if a student requires to improve their grade to enter University.
So lets use this extra time productively and maximise your grade!

Stay Safe, Charlie

Well done on taking the first vital step towards securing a brighter future for yourself or your teenager. Based in Glasgow, we are very aware of the challenges facing SQA students. There is so much to learn in such a short period of time and the pressure to succeed can be enormous.

I am a full time Maths Tutor with a highly effective and successful teaching style which has proven results in helping your child learn maths and just as importantly, prepare and pass exams.

Some parents have children who are already average to above average in maths ability, but want their children to maximise their maths potential. Some students and probably the majority of students I see come to me because they are not good at maths, perhaps even hate maths, but realize they require it to pass their exams and get to university.

With the best will in the world, school teachers are often put in a position where they just can't afford that extra time to spend with your son or daughter given their work schedule and volume of pupils attending their classes. This is not the case when you come to "Glasgowmaths".

We often work with the teachers to make their pupils' time in class successful. Working with our tutoring company actually eases the pressure on the teacher who may have a class with too big a diversity of abilities to be successful. Many of our students are sons and daughters of existing teachers that are familiar with our ability to enhance student learning.

As a specialised Maths Tutor, I assess each pupil indvidually to appraise their needs, capabilities and the best learning methods to teach them the knowledge to pass the Maths exam (many with flying colours).

Sometimes the pupils/students we tutor, respond very poorly to traditional methods, so we use innovative and interesting learning methods, including E-learning and quizzes. We try to help students to adopt strategies to problem solve. Schools sometimes often lack sufficient time to practice exam technique. This is one of the strong aspects of learning with Glasgowmaths. Our track record shows that we have often exceeded parents and students expectations. We have seen phenomenal success and have very proudly turned potential F band exam fail marks into A band passes.

Many parents and students have stated that entrance to University wouldn't have happened if it weren't for us. However, don't take my word for it, have a browse through our Parent Reviews page.

We strive to:  'Teach maths in a way the student can understand. Teach at the student's pace. Help them prepare and pass exams.'

Call now on 0800 043 1984 to discuss a Free Assessment.

Some Recent Students


4th Year Pupil

I used to hate Maths. I just did not understand it. I have now went from a D to an A :-)


5th Year Pupil

Maths was my weakest subject, but I needed an A to get into University. I got my A!


2nd Year Pupil

Maths sucked and was so boring. Now thanks to Charlie, I went from D to A's

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1st Year Pupil

I wasn't that good at Maths but Charlie helped me get into a private school. He is cool!

I thank all these amazing students for sharing their experiences. They always had the potential, even if they thought they hated Maths!
They just needed help to understand it. My training methods unlock that potential, so they can be the best they can be.

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